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A Navy SEAL Reveals His Training

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Clint Emerson explains how he became a Navy SEAL. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! MUSIC Zero Adrenaline_FullRthm Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Half Pipe Me_FullRthm Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. High Koktane Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. STILLS Abstract Background Black Releon8211/Getty Images BUD/S Students Participate In Underwater Night Gear Exchange Stocktrek Images/Getty Images The Back Of The Pack Richard Schoenberg/Getty Images Navy SEALs Training Handout/Getty Images Navy Seals Undergo Intense Training Joe McNally/Getty Images Navy SEALS Greg Mathieson/Getty Images VIDEO Exercise Double Eagle Parachute Jump Milmotion/Getty Images Naval Academy Freshman Participate Alex Wong/Getty Images Navy Seals Wearing Air Tanks And Participating In Underwater Training In A Pool A&E Television Networks/Getty Images Navy Seal Soldiers Walking Aiming Guns Through Wetlands At Night American Rogue/Getty Images Footage provided by VideoBlocks (http://vblocks.com/x/BuzzFeedYouTube) EXTERNAL CREDITS Clint Emerson https://100deadlyskills.com/ Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/40382
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Text Comments (3571)
Jazmin Lopez (9 hours ago)
I panic when I close my eyes in the shower😂 definitely couldn’t do this
srg. evans (9 hours ago)
I was gunna do this I was signing up for classes for highschool but then my friend said "you can't you flat footed" (and I am) and my heart just got DESTROYED I can do I think all of those skills and requirements except I'm flat footed
Derrick Curry (10 hours ago)
I do not want to be a Navy seal and I am not going to be one! Panic at the Disco!
Reuben (12 hours ago)
Does anyone know if you can be a seal with flat feet? My feet are completely touching ground, I want to make an attempt but I don't know if meps will okay flat feet especially with all the running and training.
Colin Thiel (18 hours ago)
Hey buzz feed I thought you hated these guys I thought these were “crypto fascists” ??????????????????????????????????????? Why are you doing interviews with crypto fascists BuzzFeed people have lost their jobs for less than that
Slippin Jimmy (1 day ago)
Heh. I'm more of a WALRUS type than a SEAL.
LEOWO RLD (1 day ago)
Ima wavy seal lol
Armando Ovando (1 day ago)
that hard
Joshua Heo (1 day ago)
Work Phone (2 days ago)
Navy is just a poor copy of the french foreign legion... As a matter of fact, most navy seal guys can't make it through to the french foreign legion selection.. Most navy techniques were taken from the French army, including the French foreign legion...
whoispriest (2 days ago)
This man makes me feel lazy, and i work 7 days a week 14 hrs a day
Josh Chavers (4 days ago)
The enemies fate is sealed.
Kaidance Gambrel (4 days ago)
John Mason (4 days ago)
So basically you have to prove yourself and earn your position until you retire.
ItsBBoss (4 days ago)
How to become a operator in Rainbow Six Seige
Mr.Sailor (5 days ago)
I cant understand why soldiers work only 5-10 years and then go to another job ?
Señor Pangolin (5 days ago)
BUD/S = Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL
Shantanu (5 days ago)
It's bad that you exhibit your specialised skills ,at such platform
Xzavier Prater (6 days ago)
I wouldn’t mind joining the navy but I can’t swim to save my life
EricParker Drums (6 days ago)
Funnest time of my life while in buds
Kees Pied (6 days ago)
Dunno why but this is very interesting to me
ron grimes (6 days ago)
I am more like a walrus not a seal
GirlLunarExplorer (6 days ago)
Excellent video!! Thanks for making it!
Pastor Bill (6 days ago)
Mark Johnson (7 days ago)
Nephew just finished buds and jump school now in sqt kids been a superstar at everylevel in his life
333gravedigger333 (9 days ago)
Malena Tully (9 days ago)
Wow!! My son is still in “pup seal” training. Had no idea, instructors could smack and tie your o2 tubes under water. I’d drown in the kiddie pool. Thanks for sharing
David s Lefort (10 days ago)
Hope that most of them don't smoke tabaco
AndJusticeForMe (10 days ago)
Do you think the SEALS would be interested in me even though I have crippling anxiety, am prone to panic at the drop of a hat, and can't do a single push-up to standard? And the list is much longer than that. I think they would be. Let me know.
WarriorJason27 (10 days ago)
My man acts like Seal Team 3 is no big deal lol
This is the Beginning (10 days ago)
America Protects Japan from War Crimes. Atrocities committed against..White Anglo POWs and White "Comfort Women'. Germany is framed for a Holocaust that never happened, but protects Japan from the Holocaust in ASIA. White Anglo Scum, Jews masquerading as Anglo scum, and cowardly Japanese, Chinese, Se Asian are Ethnic Chinese. ...ALL Weak, Disgusting, Asexual beings, not men. Why Protect Japan? Because America, Britain, Anglos, Jews are responsible. And they ALL, harbored 4.5 Million Jews in SE Asia, Japan,. Japan, ALL of Asia, except for Korea were British, French colonies.
This is the Beginning (10 days ago)
White American, Anglo Scum. Hijacks Koreas Culture as theirs and boasts about, "White" culture. America , Anglos are a Exact Copy of Koreas Culture. British, French Protestant merchants began spreading Korean Culture throughout Europe in the 1500s. Thats why Queen Victoria, Rothschilds financed the creation of "Japan" to Dextinguish the light from the East.. The Jo-seon Dynasty, Modern Korea.
Matt Ball (11 days ago)
The most intense thing a human can do.
Pfsif (11 days ago)
I'm out.
Ken (11 days ago)
I know I’m in the minority here when I say this, but I feel like I could actually do that.
Jorge Martinez (12 days ago)
Go navy seals!!!!
INQLOCY (12 days ago)
Creepy to know that this soldier could easily kill People in hand to hand combat ✔
blakris (12 days ago)
I tried to hold my air during all the video
Annie Black (10 days ago)
r u dead yet?
shrekt1000 (13 days ago)
Michael Scott "Survivor Man" in my recommended rn
s. dot (14 days ago)
I can probably catch a 556 if it’s going at 28 FPS lol
Lucas McDuffee (15 days ago)
I don't know if this has been said already but he said mind and spirit. He skipped the body completely im guessing to show that not even pain, suffering, etc can stop you. I don't think people really realize the power in what he just said.
Vijay Krishnan (16 days ago)
I like the US Navy seals
RaceGod SRT (20 days ago)
this is why ill be a marine instead
Angelo Morreale (20 days ago)
he can smell good
Iron Man (23 days ago)
Too old
Iron Man (23 days ago)
Or communications guy
Iron Man (23 days ago)
Medic too
Iron Man (23 days ago)
Emt brother
Lucas Hancock (23 days ago)
I stayed because of this man, not because of Buzz Feed.
Astone (23 days ago)
Navy Seal: Are you Smart enough are you str- Me: Nope not at all.
Autistic Potato (24 days ago)
My dream is to be a navy seal the only problem I think I’d have is the questions about like bullet velocity and stuff and probably where you have to put the guns together
Hugh Saddler (26 days ago)
That’s Nothing ... In Seal Parachute Training an instructor takes your primary and backup chute and you have to sew your clothes into a chute before ... Contact. Worst Part ... No Repeats/Can’t DOR in flight.
HCorn (26 days ago)
@ I just create a new channel, Can you guy stop by and help me by click the subscribe button. thank you so much
pewdiepie V2 (26 days ago)
Ok 👌🏻
James Edward Holley (27 days ago)
Such a patriotic little guy! https://youtu.be/_Znalvpem0U #daddysoldier
Michael Matthews (27 days ago)
Can someone explain what the cord attached to the gun is for at 5:22? Thank you in advance
jedi1967 (28 days ago)
A lot of work. Join the Marines
VagabondUrbex (28 days ago)
Check my channel out!!
Jay P (28 days ago)
I can only be a SEALion ...
hentai hero (29 days ago)
Same I want to become a seal reincarnated
Ki E-Skate Mods (29 days ago)
Simon bastin (1 month ago)
Try to get a guy with an IQ below 80 into the Seals, I dare you.
Ashvin Kumar (1 month ago)
Boi I drowned in my bath tub
Wendi (1 month ago)
Before watching this video I was think thinking of joining after high school. Keyword: Was
kevin cuautle (1 month ago)
Which is better marines or navy seal
The Real Cool Pup (1 month ago)
me: *Bites burger*
Justin Credible (1 month ago)
Awesome. The real scary part is the attrition rate.
Chaz Wilson (1 month ago)
Let me put it this way guys, I'm a United States Marine, and before I enlisted I wanted to be a SEAL. With that said, even as a Marine, I'm definitely not sure if I could make it through BUDS. Those SEAL's are so tough. That's real sacrifice in my book! It seems to me that these men are willing to die if only to become Navy SEAL's. Let alone the service they actual carry out with all their extensive training. After becoming a Marine, I couldn't have been more impressed with the SEAL's as a group of Men. So Goddamn tough. Again, nothing but respect from this Marine!
Rana Divyank Chaudhary (1 month ago)
I was sad to read about some of these men ending up killing a fellow man in Mali.
Lemon chips (1 month ago)
Who else don’t like buzz feed
DirtyDirtyTramp (1 month ago)
Thanks for making this video. It was incredibly informative and very interesting. Love Navy training stories (Navy vVt here but not BUDS)
Myrslokstok (1 month ago)
As a child we bade in like 55 degree water but I would not stand it today, and the lack of sleep in the moorning would kill me.
Geraldine B (1 month ago)
Good words
Vanilla Frapp (1 month ago)
My uncle was on seal team 8 in combat
John Jay (1 month ago)
AWESOME I was just a gunners mate. I should've done the training, but at 19 and 20 years old out of Great Lakes, I just knew I wasn't ready. Looking back now, (much older) I regret not going for it.
wolf it the fifth (1 month ago)
The American ant Middleton
Elijah Wilson (1 month ago)
Bruh u cannot show ur face if ur a navy seal
Salim Yemeni (1 month ago)
He has the nose for sniffing cocain.
William Ryan (1 month ago)
I clubbed a seal once. Once ...
Charles Morgan (1 month ago)
I respect all medics. But, you would have failed at, a 5.56 travels at 28 fps, id be fixing you. If you're gonna make a moat vid, get it straight.
Lars Breuning (1 month ago)
A 5.56 round doesn't travel 28ft/sec.. it's more like 2,800ft/sec.. YOU FAILED!!!
Aqua man (1 month ago)
Lars Breuning dude, he made a fucking mistake, is that no obvious enough for you? smartass!
Maria Jaimez (1 month ago)
Thank you for so much for sharing this good information thank you for your very valuable service and sacrifice
22nlatitude l (1 month ago)
Proud to be American.
Richard (1 month ago)
am i TALL enough to be a navy seal? thats the question 😫im so fuckin short
Richard Black (1 month ago)
I'm afraid of the SEALS, let alone boot camp, i don't think i'll make it past the shouting.
Nubian Emporer (1 month ago)
how long can those instructors hold their breath?
Nubian Emporer (1 month ago)
+Aqua man you're name. Keep Swimming. Stay Strong.
Aqua man (1 month ago)
Nubian Emporer Yes 2003 why?
Nubian Emporer (1 month ago)
+Aqua man AquaMan may be your spiritual father Were you born in 03?
Aqua man (1 month ago)
Nubian Emporer Dunno, like a minute thirty.
Nubian Emporer (1 month ago)
+Aqua man how long can you hold it if You don't do that just jump in and hold your breath?
Roger Childs (1 month ago)
Wasn't a Seal. 23 years army but learned to SCUBA. Would have loved the SCUBA portion. Maybe. Tough though.
Sophie Madelyn (1 month ago)
I thought I wanted to be a navy seal..... I change my mind, I’m terrified of drowning.
rob devoe (1 month ago)
Did he say a5.56 flies at 28fps?!
rob devoe (1 month ago)
He forgot to add that it has an effective range of 6 yards lol
rob devoe (1 month ago)
He forgot to add that it has an effective range of 6 yards lol
Roger Childs (1 month ago)
Faster than a paratroop LOL
Fabian vdvoort (1 month ago)
he is lying if he was a member of any seal team he wouldnt be fully blured out
The Last Operator (1 month ago)
He is retired idiot.
Fabian vdvoort (1 month ago)
+Aqua man ever heard of isis and the taliban? Those people ( former seal team members) are in the number 1 spot of the killing list of multiple terorist groups so thats why the are not allowed to
Aqua man (1 month ago)
Fabian vdvoort and why would that be?
Cowboy Animal (1 month ago)
How much fish do they get a day?
I’m a seal! Until my mom said I need to go shopping with her
Gabby Cadenelli (1 month ago)
My brothers best friend is joining the navy after high school
Salnsd (1 month ago)
So how the Marines always figure they are tougher than these guys ,
Commander Dritz (1 month ago)
Salnsd these guys are like the marines older brothers.similar missions but better tactics but much harder training and better in hand to hand combat.
D4rklord64 (1 month ago)
always clint emerson, always him
CALM ind (1 month ago)
Can only USA citizens become navy seal? What is the advantage of doing this?
hunt gaming (1 month ago)
This really helped me
Mike Eves (1 month ago)
Salvation Army guy kick his arse I think
Andrew Barchenger (1 month ago)
Very comfortable in water. Not comfortable at the idea of having my air hose messed with. Would fail the academic portion. They never mention that part.
Maj3stik (1 month ago)
Imagine how hardcore our military would be if this was required training for any branch. I think they should push them more in the Army and Marines. I know Marine boot camp is no joke, but im saying thinking out loud here.
Maj3stik (1 month ago)
+Aqua man Lol, true!
Aqua man (1 month ago)
Maj3stik Then your Military would only be about 20-30 thousand strong.

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