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Leading waterway

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There is remarkable similarity between the Volga-Don and a typical busy highway. The waterways of the Volga-Don basin are some of the most overstretched shipping waterways. Forty vessels pass through the locks every day. The canal’s design carrying capacity of 10.5 million tonnes per year has virtually been exceeded. There is an obvious need to build a second Volga-Don channel. Building of the second Volga-Don channel corresponds to demands for an innovative course of growth for the Russian economy and corresponds to global worldwide trends.
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Finder Outer (1 month ago)
I absolutely did not know that.
Hamid Rasrgar (2 months ago)
cliff woodbury (3 months ago)
they should get other Caspian nations to help in the payment and create every option because with all of them open then the Caspian can be developed far more since it would efficiently be able t transport goods in the largest sea going ships. If they they are serious about refiling the Aral Sea these ships could also use all the canals. Keep in mind all the Central Asian countries are becoming far moe wealthy and they have trade with Turkey that is being hindered due to no canals to connect the Black Sea. If all the canals were built it would imensly make Turkies trade with all the Turkick countries cheaper so they could help in investing. The Aral Sea at one time was one of the most productive Fishing grounds in the world and refiiled and connected to the caspian could become far mre than it once was due to the rising status of Central Asia.
А Дон мелеет из за утраты воды в Волгу по каналу утекающей
Yves Bienvenu (1 year ago)
thank you so much for this video; very interesting
may i use a sailboat to access these canal?
Salmanet Salman (2 years ago)
Испортили кинофильм ватермарком, глядеть нереально.

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