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The Navy SEAL Training Program: The Start of Hell Week

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The Navy SEAL Training Program: The Start of Hell Week First Phase, the basic conditioning phase, is seven weeks long and develops the class in physical training, water competency and mental tenacity while continuing to build teamwork. Each week, the class is expected to do more running, swimming and calisthenics than the week before, and each man's performance is measured by a four-mile timed run, a timed obstacle course, and a two-mile timed swim. In addition to physical training, the class also learns how to conduct hydrographic survey operations. Because of its particularly challenging requirements, many candidates begin questioning their decision to come to BUD/S during First Phase, with a significant number deciding to Drop on Request (DOR). Historically, candidates who have composite PST scores below 800 are three times more likely to succeed than the average student. Most importantly, candidates who have made a full commitment to their goal of becoming a SEAL and those who decide ahead of time that quitting is not an option, regardless of how challenging the training becomes, dramatically increase their chances. The fourth week of training is known as Hell Week. In this grueling five-and-a-half day stretch, each candidate sleeps only about four total hours but runs more than 200 miles and does physical training for more than 20 hours per day. Successful completion of Hell Week truly defines those candidates who have the commitment and dedication required of a SEAL. Hell Week is the ultimate test of a man's will and the class's teamwork. Subscribe for More Videos: https://youtu.be/TOYjiYEGtLA See all other videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUrgcSjqcpKlXP1DM1cmfHnQ Video is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (1617)
just random (1 day ago)
looks like fun
monica cappellini (13 days ago)
amazing. Thanks to US forever
A MaC (15 days ago)
Can you help us with defeating The IRA ? It's okay I know that will never happen.
Joel Weiner (17 days ago)
I survive riding the NYC subway each and every day... that takes more out of 'ya than any Hell Week regimen could ever muster. However, thanks for serving.
Alex Smith (22 days ago)
Open ranks and room inspections at BUDS?? Seriously?
Angel Cruz (28 days ago)
This video is a joke. Go to war men.
Raine Ticket (29 days ago)
Wear running shoes, not tennis shoes. Morons will wear actual tennis shoes, and not running shoes. Tennis shoes are for tennis. Running sneaks are for running. Playing tennis is not SEAL prep.
Timothy H (29 days ago)
Molon Labe (1 month ago)
To my nephew, thank you for your service, 6 year and counting on the teams
Michael Johnson (1 month ago)
The sacrifices these young men make are incredible. ..I served on board a fast attack nuclear powered submarine called the Uss Sunfish ssn 649....we did insertions and extractions with the seals and a few marine recon every now and then. Top notch professional dudes. Go navy! Peace through superior fire power!
Emilio Pena (7 days ago)
Michael Johnson that was all probably classified
Dee (1 month ago)
you serve country then come home to nothing .
Orathai Freby (1 month ago)
Look nice always CA. California city in USA hool ya ha ha ha ha ha ha
Fallen Angel (1 month ago)
I am trying to find a good elite force workout but haven't got anything yet. Plz paste any link here. A good workout of elite forces without equipments or no gun training.
The Kids Nice (1 month ago)
Check out the workout programs Josh Bridges puts together... he actually specially designs workouts for ppl training for BUDs... Josh is a former SEAL and competes regularly in the CrossFit games
WORLD KUNG-FU (1 month ago)
Orathai Freby (1 month ago)
This video them make from 2002 that years I think so
Dee (1 month ago)
Orathai Freby (1 month ago)
Are you buy video from US Navy ? Or you Copy ?
Orathai Freby (1 month ago)
Them copy your video and make business yes sir Alex Ferguson
Lovell Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Orathai Freby (2 months ago)
Good job guy's be fine respect my friends always
Mister Smartypants (2 months ago)
Obstacle course looks fun, then you realize they’re probably close to muscle failure 👍🏻🇺🇸
Mister Smartypants (2 months ago)
I blow shit up like that quite often with tannerite 👍🏻💥 I’m an old Army Artillery Veteran 🇺🇸 Love blowing shit up 👍🏻 hooahh
rich strong (2 months ago)
why the name Seal ? what not killerwhale or White shark ?
rich strong (2 months ago)
why the name Seal ? what not killerwhale or White shark ?
rich strong (29 days ago)
+The Kids Nice i dont down seal at all , trained my ass boot cap ( or helped ) but Seal ? a furrt little smelly animal ? rename = Great white shark or killer whale ? just saying ?
The Kids Nice (1 month ago)
It’s an acronym for the SEALs area of expertise- Sea, Air, and Land
Orathai Freby (2 months ago)
Yes better here dear because in my Computer me sometimes have Crazy people's make problem with my Computer me all ways respect you and every one sir nice video thanks
Electrolytes (2 months ago)
Training to go steal another nation's oil and kill innocent civilians. What a piety. These men could've been working for NASA, Medicine, Engineering, or research. Really breaks my heart how the instructor's brainwash them to think that they're doing something big. Shooting at some guys with a broken AK living in a cave in Afghanistan who works on the field to feed his family and fights during the night. Seriously? We're better than that.
Black Magic (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t make it past the orientation. Flight for life would have to be on standby.
Eohc Ormeo (2 months ago)
Instructor McKinney is a beast. One of the nicest guys there but don't piss him off lol.
Malcolm Sakah (2 months ago)
Thanks for your service Navy Seal hard work
Sensory_Deprivation (2 months ago)
One of the most demoralizing things was when the instructors would shred the paint off of your helmet by grinding it on the concrete. Why? Because a speck of sand got into the paint. At the end of a grueling day, you'd have to spend hours stripping all the old paint, applying perfect new paint with no blemishes, allowing it to dry, and hoping that it would be inspection ready the following day.
Andy Roo (2 months ago)
Navy seal versus camel herders. Fast food soldiers.
majorsmythe1 (2 months ago)
DELTA= Men who are the quiet professionals.
Joe_Anroy (2 months ago)
New sheep to be used as kill dogs by politicians
Dr. Martyn van Nostrund (2 months ago)
And the keyboard warriors all drop their controllers and cry...
MrDozip (3 months ago)
i think monks are tougher come at me :)
Niko P (3 months ago)
im a chick, not americanm but by god they made me cry in the end.
Brent Saylor (3 months ago)
That was Rourke Denver shaking hands with the students.
BC Bob (3 months ago)
Are they now sanitized for females or he shes?
Black Shark (3 months ago)
Those who graduated.......can suffer
cvt cvt (3 months ago)
Dems have us fighting battles for our enemies, protecting our enemies, defending our enemies, and welcoming our enemies across our borders.
sergio m (3 months ago)
Juss 213 (3 months ago)
Most of the push ups in this video aren't even proper form..
fiesty pet ♡ (3 months ago)
damn this shit is insane. Kudos to their persistence
Google User Schneider (3 months ago)
I really doubt it's a wash-out thing but in Marine Corps training alot of guys ignore an injury to be "Tough" and end up destroying something. If your fuckin hurt you're fuckin hurt. Maybe some guys can't distinguish pain from injury. "Present Arms" for 30 minutes will having you begging for you mommy. Haha. Oh, and the "Sand Flea Torture" you roll around in the sand to get them fired up and then you have to stand at attention for 15 minutes while they you are covered with them biting you. Every time someone flinched they added another 5 minutes. And let's say it was recruit "Smith" We would all have to Sound Off "Thank you recruit Smith, for another 5 minutes!" Hahaha I can't believe I went thru that......
Luna Delta (3 months ago)
Does this corporation accept foreigners? I would like to join the cause as a volunteer in the Middle East.
The Kids Nice (1 month ago)
allergico ai vegani (3 months ago)
Erick Jackson (3 months ago)
Time for a nice hot shower and a warm bed now. My respect is through the roof for these people!
Stan Smith (3 months ago)
Monster Man (3 months ago)
Monster Man (3 months ago)
Flag pisser and light them up.
Monster Man (3 months ago)
Fucking gay and over the top
Kay Tee (3 months ago)
I can tell he is fed up and frustrated by clowns that show up in no condition to even make the attempt.
GeorgeJansen (3 months ago)
Would love to see a navy seal on an Alaskan crab boat for a couple of days... Sig Hanson
Steven Hulbert (3 months ago)
Can remember when there was no youtube and there were only a few books in bookstores about the SEALs. Remember watching the video that followed a SEAL class and the torture they endured was something to be respected, thanks for your service.
Steve 0_0 (3 months ago)
Y tho
Jeff E. (4 months ago)
I don’t even wipe my arse after the first poopee in the morn. Just stuff some stuffing twist cheeks wait for next round. Yes sir.
I want to go to hell week every week
Youtube Censors (4 months ago)
I made it up to the last day of SEAL training: the ball fell off my nose.
Europa 13 (4 months ago)
Unit how misguided the military has become... these idiots spend hours upon hours each day doing what? Getting stronger? Working out? All pointless... knowledge and strategy outclass physical strength every time, and unfortunately for you, America’s fall will come.
Thewatcheronthewall (4 months ago)
Looks easy, just be ready at all times.
Joe Gamble (4 months ago)
Xbox controls LOL good call :-)
Brian notafan (4 months ago)
i usto love the smell of c4 and that black smoke
Brian notafan (4 months ago)
and i thought i had it tough in ranger school 40 years ago i could run sun up to sun down i lost 4" off my waist with out trying im 61 now i thought i was going to die the other day on my 5th pushup i was able to do 100 in 5 min in school
Markinpuff (4 months ago)
Do they find time to order pizza?
Hendru Tirta (4 months ago)
nntn ini sambil makan indomie soto campur pete ama telor mantulll coyyy
montanadoctor (4 months ago)
I went through a tough military training program. The sergeants disrespect the solders, push many too far which results in unnecessary injuries and the BEST trainees quit. Yes, quitting to avoid a stupid injury is NOT a sign of weakness. Being SMART is the best weapon.
Anthony Monaghan (4 months ago)
Trust me when I say this...I'm never going to be a navy seal one day, or any day or any kind of seal or even wear navy, ever.
NICK DUFFY (4 months ago)
Not as hard as trying to figure out a woman now that's a challenge😂😂😂
ThatmanDaniel Sup (4 months ago)
How do I sign up
MT 20 (4 months ago)
Wanted to be a SEAL all my life, this video is just giving me so much to worry about
Grady Gilchrist (4 months ago)
Sit back on couch, damn I can do that easy. " Dips pizza crust into garlic sauce"
Jesse Coleman (4 months ago)
A prep for a prep for a prep to see if your prepped to start training to prep. In other words....start running by the time your 2 years old lmao.
H20 DELIRIOUS (5 months ago)
did i just see mbappe
Frank Bone (5 months ago)
59 Finnish hell week out of 100..
Kirstine Termansen (5 months ago)
Photoshop Vidio made in....
Kirstine Termansen (5 months ago)
What host look as a child
D. Jiu-Jitsu (6 months ago)
Get rid of those Xbox controllers lol funny as hell
Orathai Freby (6 months ago)
WOW ! Look over there he can do very good thanks
Orathai Freby (6 months ago)
I do for you my guys
Do Bo (6 months ago)
Its all a bunch of hype.
alejandro gonzalez (6 months ago)
What if you live in Nevada and have no idea how to swim
GRE Verbiage (6 months ago)
can i ask a question, these guys train whole day, but still there are no visible abs muscles (only round bellies). Why is that so?
Bryant Matos (1 month ago)
probably cuz they barely get rest for fatigued muscles? 🤷‍♂️ either that or they show seal trainees in their first days of training. 🤔
allbiznessboxing (7 months ago)
If you don't go through buds in San Diego it doesn't count!
Clownish-Gambino (7 months ago)
daveyork0 (7 months ago)
Mindbending. Serious downright skullfucking. Scientology could learn from this. I have no doubt this turns out death squads who will do what they're told for the sake of their lunch money
Operation Agatha (7 months ago)
How can I be sooooooo "anti-War" and I hate American Neo-Con driven Foreign policy yet I truly admire and respect these guys! Hoooya!
Nigron Hoodley (1 month ago)
I'm against the wars as well, but can you explain why you call it "Neo-Con" foreign policy? Obama started more wars than Bush, and the whole idea of a "conservative" is to conserve government spending not make it bigger which is the whole idea of the progressive ideology.
Jeff Calvin (8 months ago)
Selling child porn much;
yiddish kint (8 months ago)
I'm going to be a seal
Toca (8 months ago)
I’m all for the discipline and respect but putting yourself through hell to go and fight a war for a prick like Trump against some made up oppressor with fictional wmd’s. No thanks, I’d rather spend it with my children.
FantasticKoala (8 months ago)
You know when you pull up Dat Navy Seals training video. There is always that one guy who brings up "SAS"
Саша Саки (8 months ago)
Fucking retards,russia is the best
Tates Nice (8 months ago)
I wonder how many could do 100 push-ups or more
Nick Yelovich (8 months ago)
Hold my Xbox controller
I met God shes Black (8 months ago)
Growth patience
S Pizza (8 months ago)
Seals are fucking great. I'd go for it if it weren't for my blasted eyes.
CauseAndEffect (8 months ago)
No need for the annoying music.
Rk Dantas (9 months ago)
After just watching the real seals on the discovery channel documentary, cant watch these clowns
Manohar Rajan (9 months ago)
only 6 or 4 out of 300 becomes SEALs
Maãlík (9 months ago)
This is intense..........I respect each & every person who decides to join the SEALS. I'd definitely try this just for the sheer fact that I know I'm going to fail miserably, but I'd be so proud of myself for making it through this program.
uriel sandoval (9 months ago)
Your gay bro
Dina Aissiou (9 months ago)
Can girls join the Seal Team......?

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