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Two friends go short and blonde

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Down at Myrtle Beach we had many models. These two friends wanted to go Short and blond.
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Rebecca Corcoran (11 months ago)
Where is this salon or barbers
Rebecca Corcoran (11 months ago)
cutscuts I have now hopefully sent it and your have got it
cutscuts (11 months ago)
STILL have not received your emails...
cutscuts (11 months ago)
Not to my knowledge... [email protected] or [email protected]
Rebecca Corcoran (11 months ago)
cutscuts yeah I have and I’ve emailed you
Rebecca Corcoran (11 months ago)
cutscuts aww ok, have you got my email?
Carlos A Quel (1 year ago)
Guitarra como una oveja
Cathryn Slusher (4 years ago)
love love love love wish i had the confidence to pull something like this off anyone want to cut it on me 
Lockert Mason (3 months ago)
+Cathryn Slusher I have heard girls say that they tickle. Seen many close their eyes and take the sensation in that way.
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
Hi missy I sent you an email
Missy Taggert (1 year ago)
Ryan Smith Hi Ryan. Email me please so we can talk hun. [email protected]
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
Missy Taggert donyiu men’s haircuts as well?
Missy Taggert (1 year ago)
Cathryn Slusher I can do it for you hun. Anytime youd like
Cynthia H. (7 years ago)
wish there wasn't so much background noise
sevghiangel (7 years ago)
Less talking, just cuttin' and buzzin'. Result: two gorgeous, sexy and feminin blondes!
kcrgd (7 years ago)
awsome the cuties cut so short one getting to watch all the hair being cut off and then caped and getting clippers up back as well
Brady Albert (2 years ago)
This is weird
Ted Morgan (8 years ago)
What a lovely young woman. Wow.
Stephen Short (8 years ago)
These girls are sexy as hell with their new haircuts!!! Wonderful Job.
DomBarber (8 years ago)
Another outstanding video... The girls looked fabulous
napeshaver1 (8 years ago)
i love the step up from the nape!
capes cape (8 years ago)

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