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Navy SEALs Training At Sea

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U.S. Navy SEALs training at sea including fast rope drops from helicopter to ship and securing the ship's deck on February 14, 2003. Video courtesy of U.S. Navy Produced by Fleet Combat Camera Pacific ********************************** USA Patriotism! http://www.usapatriotism.org Note: The original work used in this video ... is in the public domain in the United States, as it is a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government associated with the person's official duties under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code. ********************************** American Pride http://www.davidgbancroft.com/ap.htm Mere Chance (A greatest generation story) http://www.davidgbancroft.com/mc.htm USA Store ... http://www.usapatriotism.org/store/ America and Military Themed Gifts and Collectibles
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jeffery williams (1 year ago)
I went to go see a movie about Seals year's ago, about eight year's I think. Anyway after learning more about Seals and their training I'll never be able to watch another movie about Seals unless they use real Navy Seals not the snowflakes from Hollywood I mean really think about Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and a couple more of real men could have played the part of a Navy Seal. It's like a slap in the Seals face when you get these drugged up Hollywood cheerleader's to play a Seal. So Hollywood stop disrespecting my bad ass Navy Seals. Make a movie on something you know about like transgenders you definitely know about them. Stop before we get pissed and retaliate.
Jordan Jenkins (1 year ago)
That looks like SEAL Team-1 from Naval Special Warfare Group-1 from NAB Coronado, California and Naval Special Boat Team-12 also from Coronado with the Mk V Special Operations Craft and RHIBs ( Ridged Hulled Inflatabe Boats ). That's a Ticonderoga Class Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser they are boarding. It's one of the older ones with the MK-26 Missile launcher rails instead of the Mk 41 Vertical Launch System Tubes like the rest of the class and the Arleigh Burke Class Aegis Guided Missile Destroyers have.
Pele sch (1 year ago)
the second groups to land seems a bit "green" or it is just me ?
Jeff Martin (2 years ago)
This is xercise..they will critique later...coming out of buds is entry level..nothing more or less. They evolve like everything with repetition
MIKE HERN (2 years ago)
Not looking so sharp. Like on all the rehearsed and edited training Seal Motivation clips. I know I cant cut BUDS but at the end of the day its all about Skill set and training. These guys have heart. Bad video.
S.E. Sander (2 years ago)
10:14 home boy muzzle sweeps the camera man bad. big no no
Leonidas Vergos (2 years ago)
Romano (3 years ago)
Haha its the Muppet show
Anonymous Donor (3 years ago)
I'm wondering how many critics here actually know WTF they're talking about? #1. Practice makes perfect. Practice in any field isn't done at break neck speeds. Slow and steady makes fast and ready. #2. In what imaginary/real life scenario would YOU actually fast rope a team onto a deck of a ship filled with Tangos that wouldn't hear the thump of rotor blades long before even an ST6 would have his foot on the rope. #3. Any nautical assaults are done under the cover of darkness and by SBUs or SDVs. #4. SBUs are just that, SBUs are the special teams of the SEALs so lets get that sorted out real quick. I'm not knocking them, they're duty is to insert and extract while providing cover for active operators. However, if I'm not mistaken they are on a sort of waiting list to actually get in a combat ready role. SBUs are SEALs just to make it clear, but to say any or all teams could navigate this exercise better would have to be seen. And last, its always about the motivation in an individual man that cohesively structures the unit. You can taut all the Spec Ops acronyms you want, at that level, men of All branches are brought together and groomed to perfection.
kaspar (1 year ago)
Anonymous Donor they rope the team down for cases were they raid boats that pirates have occupied like a stolen yacht. so after the first team goes in more come in by heli to secure prisoners and hostages
Richard Garnache (2 years ago)
SWCC is not SEAL  .....  SWCC does not go to BUDS .... Considered Special Operations but not SEAL.   SWCC does not do this type of work ....   They are strictly Special Craft operators never going to be on a heli taking over a ship.
seanny1210 (3 years ago)
+Anonymous Donor SBUs are SWCC
Dan Chube (3 years ago)
the insertion at roughly 3 mins was piss poor, I guess these are just regular SEALs though, not team 6, look how long the chopper was hovering before the rope evens gets droppped, then a slow decent fast rope!, guys pissing about on the deck looking down at their equipment instead of a potential threat, 7.40 look at there MOE on the door, just all standing around in a huddle in front of the door chatting as one guy goes in, terrible., SBS pisses on these guys for fun.
The Kids Nice (1 month ago)
Richard Garnache Team 6 is DEVGRU dipshit... it was never retired
Red Leader (10 months ago)
Dan Chube Youre an idiot. You do realize that the 6 in Seal Team 6 doesnt mean they are a higher level than Seal Team 1 through 5 right? It's just the number of their team. Seal team 6 only became popular because of they took down Bin Laden. The truth is that they were only there because they were chosen to do the job at the time. It literally could have been ST3 or ST1 or ST5 that was sent in to do the job. 6 is not more special than the other ones. The other teams might hage been busy running other operations or even on leave, so Special Operations Command sent in Seal Team Six. There are a lot of Seals out there, and they are put in groups/teams/units.There has to be a Seal Team 10 too. Each group is just numbered.
ironhorzmn (1 year ago)
You'd soil your knickers and refuse to leave the helo. Who are you fooling here? Keyboard Rambo.
Jordan Jenkins (1 year ago)
The team in this video is SEAL Team-1
Jordan Jenkins (1 year ago)
DEVGRU Red Squadron to be exact, the good old Tribe!
Paul Hetherington (4 years ago)
That helo had too match the ships speed - exactly. Jets land at much higher speed than ship.
Paul Hetherington (4 years ago)
What's a government machine without serialization? War!
7071t6 (4 years ago)
Imagine when the ships deck is moving up & down 60ft, then rope down ? Like the Sea Rescue people do, every day of year, if it force 5 or 7 on the seas ?
Paul Hetherington (4 years ago)
You is 100% incoherent man
Jonathan Medel (4 years ago)
why they move so slow?? are they really seals or just a regular navy sailors??
EXCUSE ME? (1 year ago)
Tom Lyons No, dimwit.. -_- You're the one who is grammatically incorrect
Tom Lyons (1 year ago)
Pele sch yur grammar nedes some work if you want toprefend u now sumtinh
Pele sch (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Medel this is a training ops , they learn the ship , the location , the general feel , places of cover and proper movementif you always rush things you don't learn properlyonce you rehearsed something over and over until you can do it in your sleepdoing it fast and clean is much much easier . FYI special forces don't usually go out on missions and just wing it  , they rehearse a mission over and over and over , if possible using a similar location , terrain and structures so when they reach their destination they are as close to the enemy as possible with regards to knowing their environment , location of enemy sentries , hiding areas etc etc
Urban Marksman (4 years ago)
They don't run to their deaths. War is not like the movies.
AmericanMade723 (4 years ago)
Slow is smooth smooth is fast
Eddie Lee (4 years ago)
These guys are still training they just completed buds.
CONSPIR4CY (4 years ago)
Look out! RPG BAM! Navy SEALS are no more. 
Ana Castro (3 months ago)
CONSPIR4CY this is why they train this is not a show off video
Spicy Taco (5 years ago)
These aren't SEALs, these are just regular sailors on a VBSS team.
Chad Preston (3 years ago)
+The_Zodiac NOT A TM1 patch..... that is a golfer/patch... way different than seal tm 1 duty patch. VBSS dont fast rope!
Pele sch (3 years ago)
+Spicy Taco this are seals , seals train on every kind of ship the u.s has + several civilian ones or to be more precise this are seals + some other Special warfare guys with them (as far as I can see) they move slowly because its a training op ,the propose of a training op is both to exercise and familiar yourself with a mission it includes learning the environment and the general feel of a landing on a ship like this ,as well as understanding what type of threats you might encounter VBSS don't do chopper insertions they just train on the ship
ADR (3 years ago)
+k5krusher 21:52 it is not the same logo
Kayvon Yazdan (4 years ago)
That's not VBSS wear
The_Zodiac (4 years ago)
+Miguel Rodriguez  Nope, Thats SEAL TEAM ONE, Check the badge on the guys arm at 13:17 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/13/SEAL-TEAM1.jpg
Rupert Pupkin (5 years ago)
Why is it every single fucking time a video showcasing a particular spec op. force is put on youtube we get a dumbass in the comments claiming it's an undisputed fact that "X spec op. force is the best in the world" as if a panel of experts got together and voted on it.  It's your fucking opinion, not a fact.
Tom Lyons (1 year ago)
Rupert Pupkin You want to talk about spec ops, what about the armed penguins making sure nobody falls off the edge or get a picture of the fat earth, now those guys mean business.
Saisazwmeoo Zaw Moe Oo (5 years ago)
"FSU_SEMINOLES" (5 years ago)
Subtly Agressive (5 years ago)
24:30 is that dude wearing prescription eye glasses?
kcsmpatter (5 years ago)
+Carl Gustav Looks like you are correct about the vision, sort of. The exact correctible number is 20/25 or better. To get in it has to be 20/40 best 20/70 worst correctible. I was coming from the standpoint of knowing plenty of operators that wear glasses but they're old timers, like me. LOL. And yes the guy wearing the glasses is a SB. Though the SB's have there own missions where they do board vessels it wouldn't normally be with the platoon onboard. Like said they could join the SO's if need be and requested by them.
Marco Polo (5 years ago)
means if you don't have 20/20 vision you must be able to come close to 20/20 if you require glasses or laser surgery/ eye surgery.
Subtly Agressive (5 years ago)
+Carl Gustav What does "correctable" mean in this case? 
Marco Polo (5 years ago)
you can as long is your are correctable. to 20/20 i believe. although that guy with the glasses is a SB and not an SO. SB's don't board vessels unless other wises asked by an SO.
kcsmpatter (5 years ago)
You can wear prescription glasses and still be SOC, you just can't be color blind.
Odifasa11 (5 years ago)
Let's keep in mind too that these guys could actually still be recruits and this could be part of a school they are running through for quals :)
Odifasa11 (5 years ago)
Yeah they are <-------- :):)
Odifasa11 (5 years ago)
You have to realize that these guys are being extremely careful. Slow is fast and fast is thorough. If these guys went full speed on every training mission they did they would be getting injured left and right. They do practice fast but not always especially new guys getting the feel for a type of op. I cant really think of a more dangerous insert mission than onto a military ship that has been taken over. A LOT to worry about. So these guys go slow here doesn't mean they don't go fast IRL. :)
Goot Gutierrez (5 years ago)
SWCC! HOOYAH! Boat guys are fuckin awesome
Michael Sala Jr. (5 years ago)
: /
Michael Sala Jr. (5 years ago)
Swear! I'm depressed now>>was it before or after sir? : ) sorry! No offense intended.
wilson blauheuer (5 years ago)
This is not a good idea, IMO. In fact I would consider it a nightmare, if there are determined and skilled , decently armed defenders onboard.
Patrick Mingle (5 years ago)
I am not familiar with these Navy swat units for boats, must be some super secret unit
Red Leader (10 months ago)
Patrick Mingle This is what Seals do
Patrick Mingle (5 years ago)
Hollywood tactics suck, Act of Valor being the exception
Patrick Mingle (5 years ago)
You're right the enemy have no idea that we know how to fast rope, board ships, and clear rooms. Which is why the Navy allowed the video to be released in the first place
Youcef Mahdadi (5 years ago)
they are SEALs they wear flightsuits in vbss for protection from fire
md asif Khan (5 years ago)
mongoosevsgt (5 years ago)
holy shit...where did swcc come from... LOL fking bad ass!
mongoosevsgt (5 years ago)
i'm sure the enemy is asking,"how the hell are all the helicopters coming so damn fast fking a!"
JuJu Gong (5 years ago)
omg omg ....dan respect g i ent even frm america but respect way frm jam rock island
Benjamin Gough (5 years ago)
There is definitely a need for secrecy and all my buddies in the teams agree, the Hollywood surge of military tactics based movies needs to end.
BOXER BOY (5 years ago)
Look out its Chris Kyle.
M Majors14 (5 years ago)
@Ponkiizz what BUD/S class were you in
jordanaug81 (5 years ago)
Still changing screen names & typing that same line of garbage word for word aren't ya little bitch.
John Pacheco (5 years ago)
Roger Clemons (5 years ago)
A jewish boy from de netherlands? LMAO. Arbeit Macht Frei!
Roger Clemons (5 years ago)
I believe these are Navy reservists.
Roger Clemons (5 years ago)
You and Jesus would not get along.
joe mama (5 years ago)
get over yourself man. i dont know what your deal is posting degrading comments on american armed forces videos. your jealousy is prevalent, and nobody here asked you for your opinion. brave men die on the battlefield everyday, and your sitting behind a computer screen in your safe warm home disrespecting what these men do. currently, whether you like it are not, America is the most powerful country in the world.
Mark Bartlett (6 years ago)
Yeah I do not believe this is any highly top secret boarding tactic.
seine micheal (6 years ago)
if the united states retire from being a superpower (like Britain) who will take over? China?India?Brazil?European Union or her long time rival Russia?
Lucifer Gabriel (6 years ago)
I'm forwarding this video to Somali pirates for cash so they can defend against these tactics.
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
Get off the SEAL worship wagon. It's just one more..... job.Right? " We're just a bunch of guys who like to ride bikes and have a little fun". Sonny Barger. Define ' fun ' , Define 'a job' .
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
," it probably violates human rights" If a large organized group violates human rights, what are they?
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
Do Afghanie goat herders read English? LOL
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
Hardly secretive. It is just about learning the basics of jumping , diving, blah, blah, blah.
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
Who do you think trains the Israeli special ops? Same people who give them $20 billion in welfare each year.
Roger Clemons (6 years ago)
Actually, 90% of the training is not secret. You might want to look up your "SEAL" buddy's name on the register since 99% of self identified SEALs are, according to many, posers.
Kal El (6 years ago)
dummy talk
godscuttingyoudown (6 years ago)
Jawohl Adolf sforcesrcg, you want to throw these up loaders in detention camps as well "the very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings" JFK
Spooky Actual (6 years ago)
I respect bolth seals sas rangers delta as equal they all do different jobs kinda
edward pokorny (2 years ago)
Jack Colby and
BlackEagleUSA (6 years ago)
No offense Navy Seals are Bad ass and known as the best in the world ..But the Israeli spec ops units pretty fucking awesome too
Henrique Mutti (6 years ago)
sas is one of the bests armed forces in globe but the seals are more high in rank than SAS
China Sailor (6 years ago)
And the only weak link here is the pussy-ass navy helo pilot's...
MR.X (6 years ago)
Yeah this absolutely nothing compared to what SEALs actually know.
J Wiles (6 years ago)
SEAL's are not going to publish ANYTHING that may put them at risk, get a grip people, shesus !
Logikbombmusik (6 years ago)
The Book doesnt put any soldiers in danger. Check it out. Its an inspiring and great read. In my opinion, after reading "NO EASY DAY" I think "Mark Owen" had the best intentions. Check it out. You wont be disappointed.
Samuel Weiss (6 years ago)
Ya i agree with the commentor, I bet we don't find out even HALF the shit they do in training, it probably violates human rights somehow anyway... probably best to keep it quiet...
Booossterr (6 years ago)
SWCC BABY!!! Hooyah!
Cool Breeze (6 years ago)
Trust me I completely agree with you but they are not in depth enough for our enemies to know anything. For example, the only SEAL video with S.Q.T in it is the official SEAL video from the web site, and it doesnt really show us, or our enemies anything we havent seen before. Lol but for the most part I do agree with you
ghostscantkill (6 years ago)
Real simple VBBS. Nothing really classified about these type of operations.It's just an exercise designed to keep the perishable skill of the helicopter pilots that would not normally hover that way, SEAL's have to do it to keep their muscle memory for boarding, and searching. Much different than a land environment. Maybe easier, or harder, I don't know, but the point is that there is nothing here that is classified. All foreign Marines, SF, SBS, SAS etc. do these type of exercises. No big deal.
KempfPlus (6 years ago)
I have heard of that. If you want to get technical, that has nothing to do with anything on film, however. And that's what I was saying. It is regardless a shame that no one caught that before it was published.
Brandon Espinal (6 years ago)
terrorist are watching this shitting their pants.
blackjackhp (6 years ago)
Whats your Buddy's Name. He Has Already said to much.
Nikola Tesla (6 years ago)
I'm aghast that you used "praise" in that statement.
Mike Powell (6 years ago)
If this stuff is on YouTube it means that every relevant military (both friend and foe) probably knows it already. Military Intel gets way deeper than us Tubers probly know haha.
Stringsnkeys (6 years ago)
Most of what's shown on here is B.U.D.s training, which is more of an endurance test than anything else. Most of us could know everything there is to know about B.U.D.s, it's not gonna make it any more likely that we make it through. Other training like SERE, is rather secretive, and you won't find much about it here on Youtube.
airbomb34 (6 years ago)
This doesn't even show anything. Having rear security and a cordon for a raid is as basic as it gets. I'm actually kind of surprised at how weak this training was and how uninvolved these seals were during.
tfranc347 (6 years ago)
Haha yeah, I never noticed that before. I think I'm wrong actually. I forget where in the vid I saw the patch that I thought was for team 2, but it's the patch with the frog and the seal hanging out doing something... not sure. team 1? Like you said, can't tell unless up close.
Perry Wilson (6 years ago)
VBSS Training?
Funhog71 (6 years ago)
guy I was an ocean lifeguard with has been a SEAL for 9 years, told me the exact same thing. Super nice guy too - great athlete and very humble.
bikenpreusse (6 years ago)
Great movie! ;Many Action! I wished, i was this movie maker! The seals are the best troop of the world.
beansemo (6 years ago)
thxs special ops community for all you do!
Dimebag Darrel (6 years ago)
this is really cool... you dont see much SEAL videos on youtube
JM C (6 years ago)
That's why you have another squad come from the sea!
tfranc347 (6 years ago)
looks like Team 2
TheIronkill22 (6 years ago)
It's not so much the tactics that they use that makes SEALs such a fighting force, it's the precision and skill they have been taught that makes them unstoppable.
revile nonism (6 years ago)
if the blackhawk have been hit with RPG the raid would be unsuccessful!
Iceman5164 (6 years ago)
They're not showing much of anything... just some standing around, the infil, and the exfil... and there's two ways to do either of those things when your out at sea... so it's not a big deal
KempfPlus (6 years ago)
According to a SEAL buddy of mine currently doing CQC training and advanced parachuting, 95% of what goes on in their training has never or never will be filmed. Calm down guys.
Ruffles Gruber (6 years ago)
I praise these guys for everything they do, but in my opinion I think there are two any videos that are popping up on youtube, showing our enemies our tactics. In my opinion these videos should start coming down
browneye77 (6 years ago)
Thanks for posting! It takes a lot of training, resources, and commitment to do what they do!

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