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I LOVE AKI-SENPAI | Sleep Over feat Nico | Part 1

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Not really for minors, but no naughty bits in this part. Just lousy dating skills. Drag your best friends to play a gay dating sim with you, because WHY NOT?! Black Monkey Pro's SleepOver is a short gay dating sim visual novel thingy. Expect silly anime tropes and lousy pick-up lines. You're welcome. Buy the Game ► http://blackmonkey-pro.com/project/sleepover/ Outro by California Macky ► https://goo.gl/sej8uT Next Part ► http://youtu.be/ig1KiCZI3Xo SleepOver Playlist ► http://bit.ly/1iAabJm Subscribe for more! ► https://goo.gl/sej8uT ============================================== Follow us everywhere! Twitter ► http://twitter.com/TheCaliMack Facebook ► http://facebook.com/TheCaliMack Tumblr ► http://thecalimack.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (162)
Randy Herlambang (1 month ago)
NO SENSOR !!!!!!
Libaya ; (1 month ago)
*He's gonna blow a shit* deadass
SOKUN Visoth (2 months ago)
My friend is straight When he seee omfg yaoi is so good for a normal one For other friend of mine omfg (threw up)me:too booootttttiiiiiful imma die
noot noot (2 months ago)
I'm rolling 😂😂😂 i came for the gameplay and i got hilarious commentary as a bonus
TheCaliMack (2 months ago)
Thanks for loving the comedy haha
Slash Slash (4 months ago)
is the game still for sale or i can downloàd it free? and in what site?
TheCaliMack (4 months ago)
The developers disbanded and their site went down so it's probably around as abandonware
Shimon Carlo {GD/ML} (6 months ago)
Can someone make the apl free? ;-;
Powder Stone (8 months ago)
eating with your eyes: taking more food than you can eat because it LOOKED good to you. similar expression: your eyes are too big for your stomach. (i.e. you take more food than you can eat.)
Jeremy Shaw (8 months ago)
Forcing your straight best friend to play gay dating sims with you... this is the making of a movie.
TheCaliMack (8 months ago)
It should be. Haha.
Batknight 201 (8 months ago)
When you said "you don't like girls", you sounded like Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear. XD
Batknight 201 (8 months ago)
"Hmmm, you're into Yaoi games, and pick the thotiest options... You are an interesting character indeed!" XD
TheCaliMack (8 months ago)
Oh my god I just realized that. 🤣🤣🤣
Starix (8 months ago)
Where could I download this game but for Android?
Alex the trash god (9 months ago)
"Kano's" voice reminded me of Carmen from South park
Genevieve Soto (9 months ago)
I just wanted yaoi but the commentary was ten times better😂
TheCaliMack (9 months ago)
My friends and I strive to make things funny.
Destiny Franklin (9 months ago)
Straight is that what you said mmmmm
Kokichi_ouma (9 months ago)
8:35 Aki-senpai is so HO-UAGHAG
Danny DeVito (9 months ago)
You sound like pewdiepie lmao
TheCaliMack (9 months ago)
That was my friend, not me. There were two of us playing.
nyle travis (9 months ago)
Dude I’m going to watch all of your videos how am I just now finding yOU JAJAIHWHW WAT
Makayla Chao (9 months ago)
this randomly popped up in my feed and i dont regret watching it at all
Nhàn Thị Thanh Phạm (9 months ago)
E M S (9 months ago)
I’m so gay even my finger isn't straight when I point XD
Runa Rindõ (9 months ago)
Omg this is HILARIOUS!
Mustard Pussy (10 months ago)
is ur fr yaoi voiceover
I'm laughing too hard! Really, nothing like playing games and acting dumb with friends, whenever the game is super awkward! xD
TheCaliMack (10 months ago)
Agreed gurl!
Anime vampire Doll (10 months ago)
Because he’s a hoe 😂
Depresso Epresso (10 months ago)
H a h . I have 69 notifications. ; u ;
Clockwork (10 months ago)
... you said 'scusami'... You know... if you're italian just say it. Cause i am!!! Ciao altro italiano a caso che sta guardando questo video! Raga... dai.. non so l'unica vero??? *vero*???
Jadecalvillo2000 XD (10 months ago)
XD. I love it’s it is hilarious. Y’all make funny voice for the chapters
Amanda Bisby (10 months ago)
Damn Nico 😂
TheCaliMack (10 months ago)
He says *"IYEEEERGH"*
“We’re both men here” “Ah, that’s what you think!” I’m dead.
"I haven't had se-- I mean breakfast yet" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 what???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂/
Master Tachi (10 months ago)
It was very adorable heheheh nico voice had me laughing so hard ppl thought I was crazy😂😂😂
Lauren King (10 months ago)
2:38 *NEW!!* *SEXY GA-* WHAAA???
Andrew Cash (10 months ago)
LMAO I can't watch this, his friends voice is so uncomfortable and cringey
TheCaliMack (10 months ago)
That was the point.
Aki*strips* Straight man "OOOHIAAAH."
zkyvn _ (10 months ago)
😂😂😂If no one noticed FCK, is KFC backwards, you need to be punched. 😂😂
APM AppleMuncher (6 months ago)
zkyvn _ u sure?....
zkyvn _ (10 months ago)
JOASHI MC (11 months ago)
Heather H (11 months ago)
the link is broken to buy. :(
Undercover Chan (11 months ago)
4:16 hot pistols? Hot Pistols?! KYAAAAHH THIS IS HEAVEN or is it
Wild African Signature (11 months ago)
Wow I love YAOI! YAOI hot as hell but I'm tired of running into English dialogue crap! Sexy Japanese male voices is all THAT. Original seiyuu. How can anyone get off on listening this comical bull sh*T?
TheCaliMack (11 months ago)
The point of my Let's Plays is to be funny. You can probably find other Let's Players who don't talk. This game itself had no voice actors to begin with. But silent Let's Plays may be more your preference. I'm sure you can find some Youtubers who do that.
Johnpaul Alava (1 year ago)
Where can i find the applications for it
Chleo Marimla (1 year ago)
what is the dwscription key of mega n.z?
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
I never linked to one. :/
Chleo Marimla (1 year ago)
the description key of mega nz to download the game
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
What are you talking about?
Mikell Malasarte (1 year ago)
The voice is kinda weird
nyle travis (9 months ago)
I freaking love it 😂
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
Kinda the point. haha
Smiling Puppy (1 year ago)
Can I play it on mobile?
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
+Kristian Cansicio This one is the PC versiont hough
Pokelover MoonGizer (1 year ago)
pls give me a link
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
+Pokelover MoonGizer I will not be endorsing illegal distribution but I will say that a simple Google search will give you a handful of results.
Pokelover MoonGizer (1 year ago)
does sleepover need an emulator? plz answer!!!!!!!
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
It has a PC version that was amde through the renpy engine, so it should work for PC if you have the PC version
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
Just so you know, there IS a part 4 here!
Carli Dastrup (1 year ago)
Kano's voice was amazing XD
Carli Dastrup (1 year ago)
Oh please do! :D
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
I will tell Nico you appreciated his PewDiePie voice
Melissa Chesnoski (1 year ago)
the link doesnt work where can i buy it?
Mysllaw M. (2 years ago)
eating with your eyes means overestimating the amount of food you can eat btw
Thuy Le (10 months ago)
TheCaliMack In my country, the phrase is "the eyes are bigger than the stomach." Also about overestimating how much one can eat.
Mysllaw M. (2 years ago)
didn't know the phrase was that complicated :P
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Mysllaw M. *can vary I think the way it's spread across borders and regions skews the original perspective and intent of the idiom.
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Mysllaw M. Actually, the context varies depending on the location. I'd go into a spiel but I'd have to find my sources again. :))
Rin PlayzGaming (2 years ago)
Did he said sex
Isaac Evilman (2 years ago)
Wait, this is a game and not just yaoi hentai?
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Isaac Evilman Dating simulator but yes.
NinaAJM Moua (2 years ago)
i don't like it how u 2 do their voices
cool gaming (2 years ago)
yo find some thing that is showing dick
lol Yuki (2 years ago)
I can't stop laughing watching this.... omg I love u guys
lol Yuki (2 years ago)
TheCaliMack omg sure .. luv u
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
Thanks and I hope you give my other videos a chance!
Jazzmyn Irons (2 years ago)
wow so funny
Aobunni (2 years ago)
its like watching Danny and Arin (Game Grumps) play a yaoi game lmao
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Amy Urie I am flattered you think of us that way :D Nico and a friend of mine work together in another channel http://bit.ly/NeilWasTaken
Aobunni (2 years ago)
what the fuck, I didn't realize I need you guys in my life lmao
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Amy Urie Thanks and welcome to the channel!
Damian Haineault (2 years ago)
this is hilarious love u guys...
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
Thanks and welcome to the channel!
Lucifer Pain? (2 years ago)
Oh my god I love this channel <33
Naruto Fan 243 (2 years ago)
I'm not kidding
Naruto Fan 243 (2 years ago)
baka from japan mean idiot
Sarah Bennett (2 years ago)
Gosh. Am i really just finding this channel? Wow, im slow i love dis~! Nya~
Sarah Bennett (2 years ago)
sure will!! OwO ~<3
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+Omi Ookami Welcome and I hope you tune in to my other videos :) ☆☆♡
Wonder Boy (2 years ago)
"What we're both men here" "Thats what you think!"
Giuseppe Vacca (2 years ago)
how can I get the game?
Kkayfii (2 years ago)
Is it me or does Kano sound like a He has drug addiction?
Pratiwi Adriana (2 years ago)
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
More like "Ya, I'm A Ho"
Mario V (2 years ago)
I love the voice's I fucking died lol
Mario V (2 years ago)
I loved it 🤗
slipps21 (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHA i love it yall are so funny!!!!!! ohhhhh that voice it had me cracking up yall are awesome!!!!!
makenzie anime girl (2 years ago)
his voice for kano ....made me laugh to the point i couldn't breathe 😂😀😃😄
Undercover Chan (11 months ago)
TheCaliMack ohhh... I thought something happening I heard many voice like those few are clean and others kyaahhhh! don't ask me
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
+loverPOP34 He was trying to do a Pewdiepie expression that time.
THE DOCTOR (2 years ago)
why haven't I found this stupidly funny channel yet
jackskellingtonsora (2 years ago)
Except for East Coast people presumably.
THE DOCTOR (2 years ago)
thanx yall made my day
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
Welcome to the channel. We welcome anyone and everyone. Sorta.
so cute I can't stop laughing >∆<
mileena gammer rex (2 years ago)
i did all of the aswers it did not end out with the ummm cough sex cock sucking cum i did n i t said anying (0)(0)boob
foxy2780 -0 (2 years ago)
you so fani ahahahahahaha
Nnnghhhh... GAAAAA ! AKI-SENPAI IS SO HOOOOOOT !!! (⁎⁍̴̛͂▿⁍̴̛͂⁎)*✲゚*。⋆♡ོ
Dragon Slayer (2 years ago)
Troll_ TM (2 years ago)
EdgeLord420 (2 years ago)
they ate at fck. So suddle
mute (2 years ago)
he sawnds like junny cage lol
Just Shinbi 고양이 (2 years ago)
Play yandere simulator pls
Just Shinbi 고양이 (2 years ago)
Sniff Triggerd
Eevee Sword (2 years ago)
Is it free
Best Vayne NA (2 years ago)
when he picked I'm so gay for you I was about to  leave ...
Undercover Chan (11 months ago)
Best Vayne NA I think my soul get ripped off my body when he choose that
Best Vayne NA (2 years ago)
AND the fact that it says FCK instead of KFC
Lukman Anime (2 years ago)
Can anyone tell me where can download this game ? please..
TheCaliMack (2 years ago)
There's a link in the description, guv.
Selma Black (2 years ago)
yardere. simulat
Ha I do that (2 years ago)
When he said eat with his eyes he ment his eyes are bigger than is stomach, he thought he could eat more than he actually could🌚
Ijahni Pabarue (2 years ago)
Just btw your my favorite YouTuber by far (Better that PewdiePie)
Charles Aron Fuentes (3 years ago)
your voice and yours friend voice and it looks like you two have some kind of relationships
Undercover Chan (11 months ago)
Charles Aron Fuentes Kyaaaah!!! I think it blends super sweet kyaaaahhh!
Artistic Lion (1 year ago)
TheCaliMack I still ship it
TheCaliMack (1 year ago)
Nico is straight 😂
Hiroshi Kazuya (2 years ago)
Charles Aron Fuentes LOL i already shipping them since last year XD
Andalitebandit6 (3 years ago)
You two are hilarious xD I was giggling uncontrollably through the entire video. I can't believe how ridiculous some of the answers are. I love how you randomly substitute English exclamations for their Japanese counterparts. The guy voicing Kano is awesome for purposely going for the most outrageous dialogue choices.
Sademäärä (7 months ago)
You have 69 likes
I was told by a friend to watch this, and started laughing so hard too during this video
Pastel_._ Milk (3 years ago)
Katana Kohayaku (3 years ago)
In the german language there is a Phrase: 'die Augen essen mit' means, that if something loooks delish you want too eat all of it so that it won't go to waste
mileena gammer rex (2 years ago)
+TheCaliMack o play dino online il help you play as a compy a smal small dino that cant keep its head still
TheCaliMack (3 years ago)
+Katana Kohayaku Mein Gott, das ich kann verwenden.
Shadow (3 years ago)
Is it just me or does the one who makes kanos voice sound like his doing an impression of "IIamas with hats" It sounds like one of the IIamas voices xD
Bacon Bleach (2 years ago)
Carol Howard (3 years ago)
he's so hot
HetaliaFan360 (3 years ago)
To eat with your eyes mean you're eating and you continue to eat even if you're full
Hoodie Master (3 years ago)
subscribing to u
AMAIUSKINA (3 years ago)
I love your voices, you guys! Let me fangirl thinking 'bout you two having sex, pleeeease?
AMAIUSKINA (3 years ago)
+TheCaliMack YAY! Cheers, you two *-*
TheCaliMack (3 years ago)
+AMAIUSKINA You may imagine as you wish
Albie Walker (3 years ago)
"Where both men here" that's what you think!LMAO
WhereMa YaoiAt (3 years ago)
WhereMa YaoiAt (3 years ago)
+Yandere Lover jut subscribed. not missing any video. nah-uh! x3
Danielle Marotel (3 years ago)
"Which one is the--neither of them are straight..." "You know what, fuck it, I'll do both, damn you..." The start of a bootiful adventure; I can sense it. ~(;^;)~
Nora Geek (3 years ago)
That was hilarious! xD (Can I ask you something? At some point I heard a 'scusami' or that's just my weird immagination? Are you guys italian? ~ )
Cassius (3 years ago)
+TheCaliMack Does y ou ur friend have a channel?
TheCaliMack (3 years ago)
+Nora Geek I'm not Italian but I'm studying Italiano.
Inceptiona Vargas (3 years ago)
I love the voice over! XD
TheCaliMack (3 years ago)
+Inceptiona Vargas Glad you enjoyed it!
Roman Quintero (3 years ago)
can u send me the uncensored game play please 😁
Yonina Urckme (3 years ago)
Yeah Cali Mack don't you have a gameplay of It like we don't have to bought?
NotsoMLGPro Boring Guy (3 years ago)
I uploaded some Yaoi/Yuri stuff in my Mediafire account but they continuously removing them :(

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